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This was an amazing project to work on.  The building was a Victorian house in central oxford which was converted in to a clinic space. 

We had a bespoke wallpaper made in a horizon effect that was colour matched to the painted fireplace and the walls. 

We also added a lot of natural woods and textures, so it had an immediate calming effect on clients coming into the clinic. 

We also used the lovely Victorian arcature of the house for inspiration and keep the design in keeping with this. 

Projects: Projects


This was another Full turnkey project on a fab house that was brought for holiday letting. I oversaw everything from the flooring and lighting down to the last toilet roll holder.  The overall theme for the house was a fun party house which is always great to design, over 3 floors and 5 bedrooms each individually themed and decorated in a boutique hotel design. 

We designed a cinema room with a Quentin Tarantino theme which was so much fun, also designed a Louis Vuitton room as the owner was a big fan of the brand and thought his holidaymakers would enjoy. 


Oxfordshire Hotel

This project was a new build hotel with 8 bedrooms that was aimed at the Bicester Village clientele. 

We decided to give it a vintage-theme and use lots of metals and jewel colours. 

The bedrooms were also themed and each had a real individual look. 

I tried to bring a relaxing but fun element to each room and for it to feel different from a normal home as that’s what you want when staying away.


This was a new build show home that needed furnishing. My client wanted it to feel inviting and comfortable for potential purchasers. 


We used a lot of textured elements in the living room and teamed them up with a gorgeous mulberry wallpaper it gives an elegant look and feel living room.  These natural tones then flowed in to the kitchen and dining area. We wanted a English traditional look for the office and used some amazing fabrics and panelled wall colours. 


The Bedrooms were each themed to bring a different look to each. There was even a fun London themed room! The master bedroom was panelled and given a real luxury feel.


City Chic

We did a complete overhaul on this house; it was a full design and renovation project on an extremely short time frame. The house was gutted and completely renovated.
We dressed up this space with a sleek, sophisticated decor that is ready to impress whilst retaining a classic look. The owners of this space sought to retain the architecture but soften its formality. Stylish furnishings and the innovative use of form and colour meet the challenge.
The kitchen was handmade on site by our talented joiner, it was designed with flow and ease in mind for the single owner. We wanted to keep the space light and airy and with minimal fuss.



Country Elegance

At this upscale modern country family home, we created a soft, fun and usable environment where all occupants feel warm and invited. We designed the whole house to the clients specifications and project managed the complete build and design.
The kitchen was designed to brief, to create a large entertaining space and this has been done with maximum emphasis on flow and light. A tailored design and comes with an impressive waterfall island made from a rare marble which has movement. The wonderful mix of classic and modern architecture is now layered into this space’s essence and furnishings. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings.

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