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Our very first blog!

Updated: Feb 12

Hello! I'm Miranda the Design Director and founder of No13 Interior Design and I couldn't be more excited to start this blog! I'm super duper excited because I live and breathe interiors It is what lights me up, gets me out of bed in the mornings (and my children have that skill) and gives me such joy and happiness to help others with my passion that is everything to do with interior design. So that is why I'm starting my blog and my newsletter. So I can give real advice, and actionable tips and even bring you great finds along the way.

Do you need Interior Design help?

I am actively encouraging you to write me an email with any issues you having and I will do my very best to help with whatever pain points you may have in your hospitality design, office design or residential design problems. All are completely free! Think of me as your interior design agony aunt, just with better outfits :)

Thanks so much!

Thank you for reading and I do hope I can be of service to you, even if it's just some design tips or sharing some deals I am currently loving.

Please do share with friends and family who may be interested in design, bargain homewares or just fancy reading I'm navigating this whole blogging journey.

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