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Miranda Loveluck-Taplin

About me……

I am a passionate interior designer that has always had a desire to make every space beautiful and welcoming. I take inspiration from classic design but love to infuse with a glamorous energy and create a sense of wellness (something I’m passionate about).

I started out my design journey after I had my first child and was on maternity leave, I seized the moment and retrained as an interior designer and received my qualifications from Leicester University. This was prompted by a design and build project my husband and I were navigating.

Since then I have worked for a House and Gardens Top 100 company Spencer Churchill Designs, which was a great place to focus on my career and I will forever be grateful for all I learnt there.

I now work with many clients all over the UK creating bespoke and beautiful homes and commercial interiors, I'm always aware of how my designs impact on the occupant's sense of  wellness. I believe this is a key element in the design.

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